Content writing

High-level marketing content for your most powerful communication tools.

Why do you need professional content?

You need carefully plotted content to showcase your brand, attract customers, and improve engagement. But copy that explains why your business is special, effective, or award-winning isn’t enough. 


Because your prospective customers or clients care about one thing more than any other: the value they’ll get from investing in your products or services. 

In other words, they care about themselves.

This is where customer-focused content comes in. Your content needs to make your prospects trust you, honour your insights, and turn to you when they have a problem.

Why is content writing important?

You can have a professional website design, a logo that perfectly represents your brand, and be a top expert in your field. But none of this matters if your content doesn’t hook your readers. 

Your words need to capture your ideal clients or customers. They need to be crisp, clear, and compelling.

I’ll create the content that attracts your clients/customers and strengthens your connections with these people. 

With your content safely taken care of, you can focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy most.

How will you make readers care?

When it comes to content, the most important thing to provide is value. When your content answers the questions your target customers are asking, they’re more likely to gravitate towards you. 

That’s why I recommend blogging as a great strategy to build a knowledge hub and attract customers. Blogging is an infallible, long-lasting solution that hooks prospects organically. 

I can craft a detailed content calendar for 3, 6, or 12 months to help you showcase your knowledge and become a thought leader in your space.

My blogs attract hundreds of new and returning visitors every day. Once your blog has been up and running for a few months, you could see similar results.

Some of my client blogs have seen:

  • Over 600 users per day within 2 years of the blog’s inception.
  • 65 page-one Google keyword rankings within 16 months of the blog’s inception (including 22 keywords ranking at number one and beating major automotive brands like Bosch and Denso).
  • Approximately 18,000 page views per month (within 18 months of taking over a neglected blog).
  • A monthly average page read time of 3 minutes.

I also create lots of other types of content. Whether you need a brochure, thought-leadership article, or award submission, I can write your content for you.

Who have I written for?

I’ve penned content for brands of all sizes in the UK, US, and Canada. I’ve also honed my skills by writing articles on current affairs, from the downtrend in students taking A Level English Literature to the 2021 energy crisis. 

You’ll find my ghost-written articles in magazines and online platforms like Forbes, Business Matters, and Education Business. And you’ll find my work that isn’t protected by non-disclosure agreements in my portfolio.

Are you ready to...

Imagery is important, but it’s words that build trust and engagement.

You need content that explains why and how you provide the best solutions in your industry.

Let’s make you stand out as an industry leader with informative eBooks, blogs, articles, and website content.

You need accessible content that educates and answers important questions.

Let’s ground your products and services in benefits your prospects won’t want to miss out on.

You need SEO-driven copy to help you show up online. Before commencing creative work, I can produce an SEO-driven editorial calendar that will help Google rank your content.

I’ve helped companies rank for hundreds of short- and long-tail keywords through my topic-cluster-driven blogging strategy. 

Let’s integrate your keywords into compelling content for improved online search rankings.

As a professional writer, I’ll weave my storytelling skills with my marketing expertise to pull brand stories out of your business. I’ll paint your business persona in words so you can connect with the best-fit customers.

Let’s form emotional bonds with your prospects and make your business story memorable.

Great content takes time, and a half-hearted or half-qualified attempt won’t cut it. Pass the content responsibilities to someone who has studied professional writing to a postgraduate level and has marketing experience.


Let’s save your time for the things you enjoy most.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how I can help with your marketing project.