Meticulous editing to nourish your fiction or marketing collateral.

What is copyediting?

Copyediting provides the finishing touches to your manuscript or marketing project. A good copyeditor will correct your spelling, punctuation, and grammar while improving clarity, readability, and style.

While line editing takes an artistic approach to fiction, copyediting makes fiction, non-fiction, and marketing content easy to read. It’s all about correcting mistakes and smoothing distracting inconsistencies, such as tense shifts and different capitalisation styles.

Why is copyediting important?

Copyediting spotlights potential errors, such as misspelt names, misused words, and inconsistent arguments – any final blips that need polishing to ensure a professional finish.

What’s more, a good copyeditor will enrich your content with language, grammar, and punctuation that offers the most clarity and ensures easy reading.

Who needs copyediting?

If your fiction project or marketing collateral is almost ready for publication, you’re ready for a copyedit.

When it comes to fiction, the copyedit comes after the line edit. Meanwhile, marketing materials don’t require line editing, so you can skip straight to a copyedit.

Whether your project is a manuscript or a blog post, copyediting will get your writing into shape.

How do you copyedit marketing materials?

There are a few extra things to think about when it comes to copyediting marketing materials, such as:

• Integrating the keywords you’d like to rank for.

• Inserting h tags, alt tags, and YOAST data.

• Ensuring each piece opens with a compelling hook and lede.

• Making sure each piece closes with a strong call to action.

I can edit marketing collateral according to your house style, AP style, or Chicago style. We can draw up a style sheet if you haven’t thought about this yet.

Can't I just get a friend to edit my work?

Getting a fresh pair of eyes from a trusted colleague or friend is a good idea. But you should ask these people to share their thoughts before you hire a copyeditor.

Unless your pal/teacher/mum has their own editing experience and qualifications, they won’t be able to help your content reach its potential.


Because copyediting isn’t just ‘tidying a few commas’. A copyeditor is your partner in publication. The person who questions your angle, helps you voice your message, and makes sure you target the right people. A copyeditor will remain meticulous and technical while helping you convey your overarching theme and your underlying, all-important message. 

It takes qualifications and experience to do this well, so please don’t just ask your friends to give your content a once over. It’s not enough.

I have completed my fiction editing and copyediting training with the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, which sets and demonstrates editorial standards in the UK.

How will you receive your edits?

I’ll make your edits in Microsoft Word, using Track Changes and the comments feature to provide an in-depth markup.

What will your copyedit address?

Fiction and marketing collateral

Marketing collateral only

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how I can help with your project.